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In 1935 Petters Limited split its aircraft manufacturing from its aircraft engine concerns to form Westland Aircraft Limited,
based in Yeovil, Somerset. During World War II their factories were used to build Supermarine Spitfires
Post-war the company concentrated solely on helicopters under a licensing agreement with Sikorsky
 Sikorsky S-51, which became the
Dragonfly and entered service with the Royal Navy and RAF in 1953

The company went through a number of mergers with several other British firms to create
Westland Helicopters
in 1961

Now part of Finmeccanica it survives in name as Leonardo Helicopters and is producing some
of the most advanced helicopters operated by the military worldwide

Westland WS-51 Dragonfly
Built: 1952 Yeovil, UK

Westland WS-51A Widgeon
Built: 19757 Yeovil, UK

Westland Wasp HAS Mk.1
Built: 1966 Hayes, UK

Westland Scout AH Mk.1
Built: 1957 Cowes, UK

Westland Whirlwind HAS Mk7
Built: 1957 Yeovil, UK

Westland Whirlwind Series 3
Built: 1955 Yeovil, UK

Westland Whirlwind HAR Mk.10
Built: 1954 Yeovil, UK

Westland Whirlwind HCC Mk.12
Built: 1964 Yeovil, UK

Westland Wessex HAS Mk.1
Built: 1959 Yeovil, UK

Westland Wessex HAS Mk.3
Built: 1963 Yeovil, UK

Westland Wessex HCC Mk.4
Built: 1969 Yeovil, UK

Westland Wessex 60
Built: 1967 Yeovil, UK

Westland Lynx
Built: 1979 Yeovil, UK
World Speed Record Holder

Westland Lynx 3
Built: 1984 Yeovil, UK

Westland WG30 Transmission Rig
Built: 1984 Yeovil, UK

Westland WG30 Series 300
Built: 1986 Yeovil, UK